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Army School of Logistics

Military Logistics is the supply of men, material, and rendering of services to the operating military forces. The success of any military operation always hinges on a well planned, properly coordinated and efficiently executed logistic support. Jomini was the first military writer who evolved a rational theory of war incorporating the concept of strategy, tactics and logistics as a trinity. Clausewitz described conduct of war as "the art of making maximum use of given means in combat". In modern warfare, the term logistics signifies the total process by which national resources are moblized and employed towards accomplishment of military objectives.

In the last few decades, the employment of principles of logistics have also received a concentrated blend of modern techniques of management. Management implies, forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling the logistic assets. Pakistan Army like all the forward looking and modern armies of the world, has not lost sight of this important segment. For this purpose, an institution by the name of Army School of Logistics exists in the beautiful and scenic hills of Murree. Army School of Logistics was first established in 1974 at Toba Camp in the neighboring foothills of Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, Abbottabad where young officers were skillfully trained in the field of Administration and Logistics. To achieve this objective, two courses were run in the institution namely, Logistics Staff Course for Majors and Junior Officers Administration Course for Captains. The Army School of Logistics was shifted to its present location at Kuldana, Murree in 1976.



Kuldana is the name of an extremely beautiful hill, which spreads over a lush green area of about five square kilometers. The area is densely populated by a large variety of trees and plants and inhabited by various kinds of wild life species specially birds, butterflies and monkeys. At times snow leopards, cheetahs and jackals can also be seen crossing roads and tracks of the campus. The institution is about 50 kilometers away from Islamabad. For the ones who have a deep desire to enjoy the natural beauty in its ultimate form, a two days trip to Kuldana hill in the month of February should prove to be an aesthetic pleasure. A spectacular view of the full moon with its reflection from the glowing white snow is a sight beyond compare. During the peak winter season the Army School of Logistics is closed for a period of about six weeks due to exceptionally heavy snowfall.

 Educational Philosophy

The art of war, apart from operational planning at various levels, revolves around the few basic elements like logistics, administration and management. The officers and troops get requisite knowledge of tactics and other specialized training in various institutions meant for the purpose.

Army School of Logistics endeavors to equip the students of various arms and services and foreign officers with the requisite knowledge in the field of Logistics, Administration and Management by sharing the multiple experience of students specific to their own fields and required metered dose of professional input from the faculty. This process of mutual learning takes many forms starting from Class Discussions, Tutorial Discussions, Central Discussions, Model Discussions, Presentation of Research Work and going up to the apex in shape of Seminar, Telephone Battles and Two Sided War Games at the culmination point of various courses. The faculty is given the name of "Directing Staff" as they are meant to direct and channelize the learning process to keep it focused.



The faculty of the Institution comprises of the Commissioned Officers (NCOs), who are the best in their specific fields. In order to have the desired diversity of knowledge and experience, the faculty of the Institution can very proudly claim to be an ideal combination of the best from all the arms and services. This balanced sprinkling and blend of instructors leaves no field of profession unattended, may it be the strategy, operations, logistics, administration or modern concepts of management.

The officers serving on the faculty are sent on this prestigious assignment after they have gone through the mill of Pakistan Staff Course and have served on important command and staff appointments and commanded a unit. Because of their rich professional experience and deep professional study, they are well equipped to interact with students in a professionally rewarding manner. Same holds true in the case of junior officers, JCOs, and NCOs instructors.

There is always a constant and consistent endeavor for progressive improvement in the acquired professional and intellectual standards by following the modern management concept of Total Quality Management (TQM). The Institution also follows a schedule for enhancing the professional acumen and growth of the faculty by mutual support programme.


 The Courses

At present a number of courses are being run in the Army School of Logistics for the officers of different rank structure and from different arms and services including Navy and Air Force and officers from friendly countries. The JCOs and NCOs from all Arms and Services including Navy and Air Force also attend various courses. Presently, following courses are being run in Army School of Logistics:

Senior Officers Management Course (SOMC)

  • Aim
    To train Senior Officers of the Army in management, decision making, operational logistics and computer application.
  • Scope
    Meant for Lieutenant Colonels from all arms and services.

  • Duration
    8 weeks 

  •  Frequency
    One course per year

 Logistics Staff Course (LSC)

To train grade II Staff Officers for employment in Formation Headquarters to handle Administrative and Logistics matters, in peace and war.

    • Scope
      Officers from all arms and services come for this course. 

    • Eligibility 
      Majors with 12-14 years of service are eligible.

    • Duration
      18 weeks 

    • Frequency
      Twice a year
    • Eligibility 
      15-20 years of service


 Extra-Curricular Activities

This institution has a very hectic schedule of training activities, which keeps all students busy for long hours. Through the extra curricular activities, students are provided with desired relief and entertainment essential for the development of human faculties. Extra curricular activities include a number of sports and non-athletic pursuits, all held within the parameters of school and much closer to the residential quarters of the students. The students can enjoy following facilities at the Campus:

  • Basket Ball
  • Volley Ball
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Badminton
  • Gymnasium

Apart from a variety of sports activities, the School also arranges a number of excursion trips which keep the students in touch with nature and result in high spirit throughout the course. These activities include frequent picnics and one-dish parties for the students and their families at various picnic spots. A number of hiking trips are arranged for the students and their families on very imaginatively developed and fascinating hiking tracks.



The Army School of Logistics is well equipped with the entire range of essential training facilities. The training aids are utilized extensively and are the most modem by all standards.

  • Computer Room

    The computer room is equipped with 50 computers of the latest models that provide important facilities such as Internet and E-Mail. The gadgets like latest scanners, colour printers etcetera make the instructional process easy to comprehend.

  • Method Room

    Smooth conduct of all the training events in Army School of Logistics over a calendar year is a demanding task. In order to facilitate the provision of course material, "The Method Room" is equipped with training scripts. These

    scripts have been computerized in an organized manner and are updated on regular basis by the experienced faculty members after thorough debate. Moreover, the regular presentations, seminars, group discussions and central discussions are the means of training which not only effectively contribute towards the learning process of students but also add towards continuous improvement in the quality of education and training in the institution. The Method Room serves as the main initiator of all training activities.

  • Library

    The school maintains an exceptionally rich library which enable the students to find the required study material and reference for their research assignments. The cosy and comfortable Sun Room of School Library has magnetic effect on students. All the books and their references have been computerized to facilitate their immediate extraction and issue to the students. Besides the main library, a well-stocked publications library also exists in the School which houses sufficient copies of all the books, pamphlets, general publications and old research works.

  • Printing Press

    With latest printing machine and techniques at its disposal, the school printing press shares the major load of the printing assignments of the students as well as the faculty members.

  • Model Room

    The school has a very spacious Model Room called Akhtar Hall, where Model Discussions are conducted quite frequently. It has a multipurpose role and is utilized for a variety of training activities.

  • Alzaman Hall

    It is a venue for important activities such as presentations, seminars and addresses by the Guest Speakers. Moreover, the important briefings/ lectures and central discussions are also organized in Alzaman Hall. This hall has the capacity to accommodate about 150 chairs and is well equipped with audio, video and computer facilities.
  • School Tea Bar

    A very well furnished and tastefully decorated tea bar functions in an extremely efficient and hygienic way to provide a hot cup of tea or coffee with delicious and fresh snacks in extremely cold weather conditions. In the summer, the chilled cold drinks can help to absorb the study assignments with a cool mind. The tea bar is located at a central point to enable an easy access to the students and their timely return to the syndicate rooms.                                                                                            top

Army School of Logistics is trying to accomplish twofold task of training and education in a most dedicated manner and to produce officers, equipped with professional needs of the Army. The training at the Institution is wholly mission oriented, which is assigned by the General Headquarters thus spreading knowledge far and wide to the all corners of the world.


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