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Special Operations School

The Special Services Group of Pakistan Army was raised in 1956 with Lt. Col. Abubakar Osman Mitha as its first Commanding Officer. The Special Services Group like Special Forces all over the world has been assigned multifarious tasks. It undertakes parachute commando operations, guerilla warfare operations, anti terrorist and frogmen operations. A lot of emphasis is laid on a very high standard of training to produce a soldier of the highest calibre who easily fits into the rigours of life in the Special Services Group.



Special Operations School is located in Cherat which is called the home of Special Services Group. Cherat is located in the crest of Khattak Range at approx 4500 ft above sea level in North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan. It is 52 Kilometres from Peshawar and 54 kilometres from Nowshera. The road from Cherat bifurcates from Pabbi Railway Station on Grand Truck Road. Timewise it is approx 45 minutes drive from Pabbi Railway Station. The climate in Cherat is very pleasant in summers and cold in winters. Strong winds are a constant feature.


 Educational Philosophy

Serving with Special Services Group is very demanding both physically and mentally. The philosophy of education in this institution aims at imparting such training in an environment which allows the true self of student trainees to emerge in their physical, psychological and mental prowess. It aims at obtaining optimum mental and physical performance from students in extreme conditions. This not only contributes towards self-discovery of students but also makes possible the right selection of personnel for induction into Special Services Group.


The school has a dedicated faculty and staff for each category of the course. Break down of the faculty is as follows:

  • Advance Training Wing
  • Basic Training Wing
  • Special Training and Publication Wing
  • Research, Trials and Publication Wing
  • Administrative Support Wing  top
 The Courses
  • Officers Advance Commando Course
  • Basic Commando Course (Officers and Soldiers)
  • Anti Terrorist Course
  • Sniper Course
  • Security Course (Officers and Soldiers)
  • Advance Frogmen Course (Officers and Soldiers)
  • Professional Unarmed Combat Course (Martial Arts) (Officers and Soldiers) 
Selection Criteria

Commando Course

  • Should be a volunteer
  • Medical Category TV
  • Maximum service 5 Years
  • Should be less than 25 years of age.
  • Physical Standards
    • Chin ups     -     8
    • Sit ups        -     30 in one minute
    • Push up      -      30 in one minute
    • 1 Mile run    -      7.30 minutes

Anti Terrorist, Security and Sniper Course

  • Should be a marksman in pistol and rifle firing
  • Medical Category 'A'
  • Physical standards same as for commando course

Frogman Course

  • Medical Category 'A'
  • Should qualify chamber test upto 180 ft sea water.
  • Physical standards as above.
  • Swimming Standards
    • Should be able to swim 200 meters in 7 minutes (breast stroke)
    • Should be able to swim 25 meters Underwater
    • Should be able to swim 30 meters in full uniform with weapon 

Professional Unarmed Combat Course

  • Physical standards as mentioned in the frogmen course 

The School campus in Cherat comprises an administration block, two training blocks and two residential blocks for trainee officers and men. The campus is situated within Cherat Cantonment and no separate boundary exists. There is also a cinema hall and canteen. These blocks and facilities are within walking distance.


Training Facilities
  • Model Rooms
  • Class Rooms
  • Survival Range
  • Explosive Range
  • Firing Range
  • Assault Courses
  • Cinema Hall
  • Mountain Craft Training sites
  • Frogmen Training sites
  • Fighting in Built Up Area Range
  • Killing Houses for Anti Terrorist Training
  • Close Quarter Battle Firing Range top

The standards maintained in various courses are very high which results into major dropouts at various stages of the course. The standards are kept high to ensure suitable intake into the Special Services Group.