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Sudan (Mar 2005 - Jul 2011)

Pakistani contingent comprising of an Infantry Battalion, Engineering Company, a Transport Company, 2x Aviation flights (3 x Puma and 3 x MI-17 helicopters), a Field hospital and a De-Mining Platoon has been deployed in Sudan since 2005. The contingent repatriated to Pakistan soon on conclusion of the mission after successful referendum in South Sudan which resulted in Independence of a new state of South Sudan. It was responsible for the bordering Blue Nile State. While, there had been volatility and violence in all other bordering states, Pakistani contingent ensured normalcy in Blue Nile State ever since it arrived in the area. The contingent also remained engaged in rehabilitation and development, de-mining operation in a mined area spread over 125,122 square kilometers in Kurmuk County, and made possible the success of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) besides smooth conduct of elections in 2010 and referendum in 2011. Pakistan Army's contributions in UN Msn Sudan were as under:-

Pakistan's Contribution





Per Year (Approx)

Total (Approx)

UN    Mission    in    Sudan (UNMIS)

March 2005

9 July 2011