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Schools of Instructions

Special Operations School, Cherat

The Special Services Group like Special Forces all over the world has been assigned multifarious tasks. It undertakes parachute commando operations, guerilla warfare operations, anti terrorist and frogmen operations.

Para Training School, Peshawar

The school organise basic and advance airborne training for all ranks of Special Services Group, with a view to providing nucleus staff to the commando units for further training in operational employment


Army Aviation Engineering School

Army Aviation Engineering School is the only institution in the country that imparts technical training on helicopter maintenance. 38 to 40 Courses are managed each year with an intake of 400 to 500 trainees. Courses are designed to meet the technical requirements for maintenance and repair of aircraft and helicopters of diverse origins.


Army School of Physical Training, Kakul

ASPT offers adventure sports oriented courses i.e. Hang Gliding, Para Gliding, Water Sports (Water Skiing, Wind Surfing), Fencing and Archery for volunteer officers and men of the Armed Forces.Students from allied countries like USA, France, Italy, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Maldives, Sudan, Sweden and Germany have already joined our courses and expeditions.

      Army High Altitude School, Rattu

This school train students in skiing, High Altitude and Mountain Warfare operations. In order to ensure realistic training, tactical exercises are conducted at altitudes of 12000 feet to 16000 feet at the base of famous Nanga Parbator Rakaposhi peaks,



Army Desert Warfare School

The aim is to train Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Army, Navy and Civil Armed Forces in Desert Warfare Operations.


School of Armour & Mechanized Warfare, Nowshera

For training of Officers and soldiers of Pakistan Armoured Corps, the Armoured Corps Centre and School was established at Nowshera in 1947.At the time of independence of the country in August 1947, Pakistan Army inherited six armoured regiments from the British Indian Army. With the passage of time, more armoured regiments were raised, the organization of the School and the related facilities expanded correspondingly. In 1956, it was named “The Armoured Corps School”.


School of Artillery, Nowshera

School of Artillery is located along the western bank of River Kabul  at Nowshera. The historical city of Nowshera is a natural base for any inquisitive traveller to explore the beauty of North-Western parts of Pakistan, which offers an assortment of breath taking scenes ranging from Khyber Pass to the snow peaked mountains of Great Himalayas


Military College of Engineering, Risalpur

The history of the college spans over half a century. A year after the independence of Pakistan, School of Military Engineering (SME) was established at Sialkot in 1948. Having functioned at Sialkot for over four years, SME was shifted to Risalpur in 1952. It gradually transformed into a full fledged engineering college, and named as College of Military Engineering (CME). In 1958 the institution was renamed as Military College of Engineering (MCE), in line with its expanded role.


    Military College of Signals, Rawalpindi

Military College of Signals was raised immediately after partition of the Indo-Pak Sub Continent in 1947 as School of Signals, with the task of training officers and selected Non Commissioned Officers of the Corps of Signals of Pak Army.


477 ASGE
477 ASGE conducts geospatial domain course for all ranks and arms,encompassing geographical information systems,Remote sensing,IMIT,Geospatial survey,computer Aided Design(CAD) and trafficability survey



School of Infantry & Tactics, Quetta

After independence from British rule, the Infantry School was established at Kakul in 1947. Colonel N J G Jones, MBE was appointed the first Commandant of the School on 12 January 1948. The School was moved to its present location at Quetta in 1948 and was assigned the responsibility of weapons training only. Tactical training was organized under the Command and Staff College Quetta. The Institution continued to function as "INFANTRY SCHOOL" till the end of 1956. In January 1957, the School was reorganized and the tactical wing from the Command and Staff College was amalgamated in it. Consequently, the School was renamed as "THE SCHOOL OF INFANTRY AND TACTICS".




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