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Pakistan Rangers (Sindh)

The lexical meaning of the word ‘Ranger’ is “Keeper of a Park”. Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is a Force devoted to the protection and upkeep of the World’s most beautiful park of Pakistan.

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), the custodian of Mehran Valley, are not only safeguarding 912 kilometres border with India in the Province of Sindhbut also keeping a close watch on the activities of anti-state elements round the clock; be it the metropolitan city or vast stretches of arid desert.



In 1942, Thar Rangers was raised as Sindh Police Rifle. During 1948, the unit was re-designated as Sindh Police Rangers. In 1956, this unit was then re-named as Indus Rangers. Due to deteriorating Law and Order situation in upper Sindh, Headquarters Mehran Force was established in Karachi in 1989 to deal with the situation. In 1995, Pakistan Rangers was bifurcated into Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) and Pakistan Rangers (Sindh). Mehran Force was merged into Pakistan Rangers (Sindh). Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is governed by Ranger's Ordinance 1959 and operates under control Ministry of Interior and HQ 5 Corps. Since its inception, besides operational duties on international border with India, Rangers is continuously involved in combating terrorism and in ensuring law and order by providing intimate support to Sindh Police in Karachi and Interior Sindh. By the grace of God Almighty and dedication of all ranks, Rangers have been able to win the confidence and appreciation of the citizens. It is now regarded as a premier Law Enforcement Agency (LEA), with high credibility and trust.

  • Perform Border Security duties on the Eastern Border in the Province of Sindh.
  • During war fall under command 5 Corps for manning defence and taking care of rear area security.
  • Assist Civil Administration in the province of Sindh in conducting Internal Security duties.

  • Protection of persons and property in border area.
  • Apprehension of persons, unlawfully entering into or going out of Pakistani territory.
  • Collection of intelligence in border area.
  • Coordination of the activities of Police and other civil agencies in prevention and detection of crimes / smuggling.
  • Reinforce Police in the maintenance of Law and Order.

Code of Conduct

Troops of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) being intimately involved in multi-faceted Border and Internal Security Duties have a lot of responsibility and moral obligation to ensure that their performance remains above board and well within the jurisdiction of the law. To make them better understand their role, a Code of Conduct has been clearly defined which reads, "Crack Down for Criminals and Terrorists, Patronage and Protection for the Peace Loving Citizens with an Absolutely Impartial Approach Along With Courteous and Polite Attitude Combined with the Motto, Respect All".


Contributions in Restoration of Normalcy

Contributions made for restoration of normalcy in province of Sindh in general and Karachi in particular, while performing Internal Security Tasks are:

headingh2Protection Duties – VVIP / VIPs
  • This force is providing security to all VVIPs and certain VIPs during their visit to Karachi and Interior Sindh.
  • The force is also providing security to all the important personalities on orders from the Home Department.

headingh2Law and Order

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is maintaining law and order in the Province of Sindh in general and Karachi in particular.

headingh2 Provision of Security / Protection to Foreign Consulates and Important Hotel

After the two suicidal car bomb attacks in May and June 2002, Rangers have also been employed to provide security to 42 x Consulates / Residences and 7 x Important Hotels.

headingh2Provision of Security during Important Event
  • Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is also involved in provision of security to any mega event held at Karachi like: -
  • Information Technology Communication Network 2002, 2003 and 2004. 
  • International Defence Exhibition of Arms Sale (IDEAS) 2000, 2002 and 2004.
  • International Trade Industry Fair (ITIF) from 26 – 28 January 2004.
  • EXPO – 2005
  • Eid / New Year Celebration / Muharram / Christmas and other religious activities.
  • Function headed by the President, Prime Minister and Governor.

headingh2International Sports

Provision of security / protection to International Cricket Matches and Sports competition like:

Events Date
Blind Cricket Matches between Pakistan & India 21-25 Feb 04
One Day International Cricket Match (Pakistan vs India) 21-25 Feb 04
Olympic Qualifying Boxing Tournament 6-13 May 04
Test Hockey Match between Pakistan and India 24 Sep 04
One Day International Cricket Match (Pakistan vs Sri Lanka) 6 Oct 04
Cricket Test Match  (Pakistan vs Sri Lanka) 28 Oct - 1 Nov 04

headingh2Provision of Security to Government Organizations

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is providing security, protection and assistance to following Government organisations:

  • Governer House
  • City District Government.
  • Assistance to National Accountability Bureau (Sindh).
  • Protection of Under Trial Persons.
  • Karachi Water and Sewerage Board.
  • Karachi Electric Supply Corporation.

headingh2Provision of Security to Major Educational Institutions
The troops of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) are deployed at major educational institutions:
  • Karachi University.
  • NED University.
  • Urdu Science College.
  • Dawood Engineering College.
  • Sindh Medical College.
  • Dow Medical College.
  • Pakistan Swedish Institute of Technology

Interior Sindh
  • Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur.
  • Quaid-e-Awam University Nawab Shah.
  • Agricultural University Tando Jam.
  • Mehran Engineering University Hyderabad.
  • Liaquat Medical College & Hospital Jamshoro

headingh2Provision of Security to Vital Strategic Assets

Presently, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) are protecting following vital strategic assets against any retaliatory action from any dissident elements:

  • Keamari Oil Terminal.
  • Steel Mill.
  • Port Qasim.
  • Karachi Port Trust.

headingh2Security / Protection to Gas Pipeline

In the wake of sabotage on the Sui Gas Pipeline, Rangers have also been employed to provide security and protection to Gas Pipeline area astride Balochistan - Sindh Boundary. A total of 75 x Rangers personnel and 10 x Vehicles have been employed on this duty.

headingh2Provision of Security to Oil and Gas Companies

9 x oil and gas exploration companies have been provided with security, which are operating in Interior Sindh

headingh2Anti Smuggling Duties

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) have established 2x Anti Smuggling Check Posts on Sindh / Balochistan / Punjab border at the following locations: -

  • Kashmore
  • RD-109        (Sindh – Balochistan Border) 


Patrolling of Indus and National Highways in the event of extreme emergency (on required basis). These measures have kept at bay Dissident elements on the lookout to further their evil designs and interests.

Rangers Anti Terrorist Force

Rangers Anti Terrorist Company has been raised since early 2004. They have been trained by Zarrar Company of Special Services Group (SSG) and his performance was largely appreciated by all. This company has also participated in recently conducted exercise with UK Special Air Services troops in Karachi.

United Nations Peace Mission

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is providing troops for Special Police Units in Kosovo and Haiti Peace mission every year. These troops are entrusted with the task to provide protection and security to the UN officials, provide operational and backup support while responding to threats to public order in coordination with the Kosovo administration and assist humanitarian agencies.


Achievements During the Years 1st January 1995 to 30 March 2005

Criminals and terrorists arrested 3334
Illegal entrants arrested 122
Recovery Of Arms & Ammunition  
  • Weapons                              -        5754
  • Ammunition                         -        160977

Seizure Of Narcotics
Heroine 256.505kg Worth Rs.   1,43,68,170
Charas 1206.420 kg Worth Rs.   84,89,356
Liquor 10005 Litters Worth Rs.   35,27,000

Seizure Of Miscellaneous Smuggled Items
Betal Nuts 77366 kg Worth Rs.   2,41,73,971
Gutka 2600 kg  
Cloth 14330 yards  
Miscellaneous Items 7100  
Wapda Aluminum Wire 420 coils  

Recovery of Vehicles
Cars 346
Motor Cycles 341

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Besides performing operational duties, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is also contributing its due share toward the welfare of general public. These welfare projects are not only providing relief to the masses but also bridging the gap between the Force and general public.

Free Medical Services

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is playing a significant role in providing free medical services to the under privileged and deprived citizens of Karachi and border areas as well. At present, 11 x Medical Camps are providing medical facilities all over Sindh. Free medical camps were also established around all major Imambargahs during Ashura.

Educational Assistance

Education plays vital role in upbringing of a nation. Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) has great concern in this regard. At present, Rangers is running 6 x Public Schools in Interior Sindh to provide educational facilities to those children who can not afford to get quality education in big cities. Rangers is also providing assistance in the form of free textbooks, stipends and allied facilities to students who are being educated in the schools which are located in remote areas.


As per the strategy announced by the Government with the purpose of keeping the spirit of sports high, promote sports amongst youth of Karachi and to improve the existing sports infrastructure, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is also contributing significantly in this regard. Frequent sports events, on regular basis, are being organized. Umer Memorial Foot Ball Tournament was conducted in Lyari and the most recent one was held from 4 - 6 March as Abdullah Baloch Memorial Boxing Tournament – 2005 in Lyari.

Establishment of Water Filtration Plants

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) has installed 12x community water purification plants and 15 x water points for general public in Interior Sindh and Karachi from own meagre resources.

Water Distribution Responsibility

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) is also supplying water to the water deficient areas of Karachi by tankers service. A total of 11,800 trips are being provided on daily basis. From 1 - 10 Moharram, Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) provides free drinking water at all Imambargahs, Majalis vanues and procession routes. Although, it is a colossal job, but with the dedication commitment of Rangers troops, and streamlining of the procedures, it is being organised in a befitting manner.



Keeping in view the magnitude of threat and our role / tasks, Ranger are short of resources and over stretched presently, however, through proper planning, resolve, perpetual readiness, ‘Inshallah’ Pakistan Ranger (Sindh) should be able to come up to the expectation of the Nation in this regard always.





Code of Conduct

Contributions in Restoration of Normalcy

Achievements During the Years 1st January 1995 to 30 March 2005
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