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Somalia (Apr 1992 - Mar 1995)


Pakistani Contingent comprised Brigade Headquarters, armour regiment, three infantry battalions and medical corps component. This was a Mission full of challenges. Pakistani troops were the first one to land in Somalia who secured Sea and air ports for all the UN forces to follow. It remained engaged in disarming of militia, carrying out inspections of militant weapon storages, apprehend militia leaders, Search and cordon operations etc. Pakistani peacekeepers made a great sacrifice in the cause of peace in Somalia. During an inspection of General Farah Aideed's weapons storage auth by the UN on 5th Jun 1993, Pakistani inspectors were ambushed by militias who used women and children as shield. Pakistani soldiers fought back bravely and managed an extrication. However, in the process 24 Pakistani peacekeepers lost their lives while 56 sustained injuries including 11 who became permanently disabled. In memory of their supreme sacrifice, 5th June is commemorated as Pakistan's Peacekeepers Day.



On 3 Oct 1993, Pakistani Peacekeepers undertook a daring joint rescue operation along with the American soldiers to save the stranded US Rangers. The memories of "Black Hawk Down" are still fresh in the minds of every one associated with UN Operation in Somalia. On humanitarian front, with other relief activities, Pakistani doctors and paramedics treated over 100,000 poor Somali patients. Pakistan Army's contributions in Somalia were as under:-

Pakistan's Contribution





Per Year (Approx)

Total (Approx)

UN Op in Somalia 1(UNOSOM I)

Apr 1992

Mar 1993



UN Op in Somalia 2(UNOSOM II)

Mar 1993

Mar 1995