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'Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay'
Drama Series on True Stories of Brave Pakistanis Launched by ISPR & CRS

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Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) and Communications Research Strategies (CRS) have jointly launched an 11-part drama series based on the true stories of brave Pakistanis who exhibited exemplary resilience during recent insurgency in Swat.

The drama series is televised by PTV Home on every Friday at 7:40 pm from January 14, 2011.

'Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay


The drama series “Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay,” is aimed at depicting the courage of Pakistani people and armed forces that they exhibited during the operation against terrorists and militants in Mingora region. The drama series is an epic journey in the lives of common people, jawans and officers of Pakistan Army who despite all odds stood by their conviction and showed firm resolve to weed out terrorism and rendered invaluable sacrifices in the line of duty. The series will unveil the real face of terrorists and militants that have been exploiting the downtrodden in the name of religion. The series exhibits the level of price that Pakistan is paying for global peace as the immediate victims of suicide attacks are common Pakistani people and the people fearlessly fighting these terrorists and sacrificing their lives are Pakistani soldiers. It also highlights the value of public support when any armed force has to fight insurgency.

'Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay

Rich on emotions, actions, sacrifice, valour and patriotism, the drama series contains certain scenes which have never appeared on TV screens in Pakistan. Through the poignant tales of gallant heroes of Pakistan Army who refused to yield in the face of terror and terrorists who held hostage the peace of the country, the drama series reinforces the true message of peace and forbearance; it also gives enough stimulus to pull people out of despondency and shows light on the other end of the tunnel and motivates them to stand by their security forces. The series has been written by a team of seasoned writers and has been filmed by a group of select directors.

The eleven dramas have been penned by renowned playwrights like Zafar Meraj, Wasi Shah,Sajjad Saji and Aamir Raza while talented list of directors includes Kashif Nisar, Azeem Sajjad, Shakeel Adnan and Aamir Yousaf. Executive Producer of the entire series is Khawar Azhar who is also the Chief Operating Officer of CRS.

Penned by young maestro Imran Raza the theme song of the play 'Imtihan Hai Imtihan' has been jointly sung by Rahat Fateh Ali and Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan. The song has been composed by Sahir Ali Bagga who is also performing on a special DUA sung by him at the end of the event.

'Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay



‘Faseel e Jaan Sey Agay’

  1. DSP Javaid Iqbal

    Writer:            Sajjad Gul
    Director:         Azeem Sajjad Zoomie
    The story is based on a real life incident of one Javaid Iqbal, a DSP who wrote new chapters of glory and gallantry in violence hit Malakand Division. The non-conformist literally paid Taliban in the same coin and quite strangely made life tough for them in militancy plagued Malakand Division; no wonder he was a prime target of Taliban who eventually succeeded in getting rid of him in a most cowardly manner. A crude Improvised Explosive Device (IED) had been placed on his route and brave DSP eventually embraced martyrdom. Such was the level of hatred against this man that Taliban brazenly carried out suicide attack in his funeral, killing scores of people including his eldest son and injuring many others.
  2. Capt Meraj Muhammad

    Writer:            Zafar Meraj
    Director:         Shakil Adnan
    Capt Meraj was a young energetic and brave soldier with a glorious professional career since beginning. He secured first position at Cadet College Razmak and then topped in F.Sc examination. He became first Razmeen to obtain Sword of Honour from Pakistan Military Academy. He conducted several difficult operations with FC which include the ones at Adam Khel, Khyber Agency and Buner. He embraced shahadat in one vital operation in Swat valley killing tens of terrorists.
  3. Suicide Bomber

    Writer:            Wasi Shah
    Director:         Kashif Nisar
    This is the story of Rahim Gul, a simpleton and naïve lad hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa who eventually turned out to be a suicide bomber with potential of killing hundreds of people. The story is inspired by real life events of one Shakeel Afridi who in a bizarre twist of events surrendered himself before security agencies and gory details of his dangerous life were surfaced only then. The story is moving detail how truth overpowers the falsehood. The boy was then sent to Sabaoon (an army rehabilitation centre) for his transformation in to a productive citizen. 
  4. Havaldar Naeem Asghar

    Writer:            Sajjad Gul
    Director:         Kashif Nisar
    This is a true story of one Hawaldar Naeem Asghar who embraced martyrdom fighting valiantly after killing a number of militants along with their commander in Adeen, Mingora. His successful operation at the area point 2207.2 made possible for the Pak Army to have a clear access till Bahrain area.
    He hailed from a village Chak Janobi 94, District Sargodha. He was a very honest and caring member of his family. Naeem Asghar joined Azad Kashmir Regiment in 1997 and started his training at Mansehra camp.
  5. Dar-ul-Aroos

    Writer:            Amir Raza
    Director:         Kashif Nisar
    It is a true story of a 16-year rape victim who was molested by around 50 terrorists for about two months in Mingora region and she was later forcibly married to a 72-year old Afghan Commander. She succeeded in escaping in wake of an Army strike in the vicinity.
  6. Lt. Zeeshan and Lt. Atif

    Writer:            Zafar Meraj
    Director:         Amir Yusuf
    This is a very strange true story of two childhood friends Atif and Zeeshan who both embraced martyrdom during Operation Rah-e-Raast in Swat and South Waziristan simultaneously.
    They grew up together, got their education in Dera Ismail Khan and received training in Babar Company of Pakistan Military Academy (PMA). Atif got Commission in 28 Sind Regiment and Zeeshan got commission in 41 Baloch Regiment. They joined army with one year difference and embraced shahadat in the same order. Both died for the same cause, their names would remain immortal.

Detailed schedule of telecast/re-telecast of subj telefilms is as under


1940 hrs

1st Repeat
1100 hrs

2nd Repeat
1500 hrs

3rd Repeat
2300 hrs

1st Telefilm

14 Jan 11

15 Jan 11

16 Jan 11

20 Jan 11

2nd Telefilm

21 Jan 11

22 Jan 11

23 Jan 11

27 Jan 11

3rd Telefilm

28 Jan 11

29 Jan 11

30 Jan 11

3 Feb 11

4th Telefilm

4 Feb 11

5 Feb 11

6 Feb 11

10 Feb 11

5th Telefilm

11 Feb 11

12 Feb 11

13 Feb 11

17 Feb 11

6th Telefilm

18 Feb 11

19 Feb 11

20 Feb 11

24 Feb 11




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