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Press Release

Rawalpindi- February 05 2017

In Chaghi, Rescue and relief Operation completed. FC assisted PDMA overnight to rescue all 108 stranded travelers and shifted to Noshki.
In village Sher Shal, Garam Chashma, Chitral FC troops are assisting Civ Administration and NDMA for rescue of  individuals who came under snow slide last night. So far 7 dead bodies have been recovered. 2 injured  taken out.

An FC soldier Irshad embraced shahdat and 6 got injured when a Chitral scout post came under slide in Pishotan, Kandao, Arandu. Soldiers have been rescued early morning.

Subject to weather clearance Army helicopter will supply relief items and expedite relief operations.
COAS directs maximum assistance to NDMA, PDMA and local administrations for timely and effective rescue/relief effort in snow hit areas.

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