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Press Release

Rawalpindi- October 09, 2017

“Bismillah Irrakhman Nirraheem”
Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman,
Air Officer Commanding, PAF Academy Asghar Khan
Distinguished Guests,
Graduating Cadets,
Ladies and Gentlemen!

I feel immensely pleased to be here today on the Graduation Ceremony of 138 GDP, 84 Engineering, 94 Air Defence, 9 Admin & Special Duties and 3rd Logistics courses.

The smart turn-out of the cadets and the excellent parade is a testimony to the high standards of training being imparted at the PAF Academy.

On this auspicious occasion, I congratulate all the graduating cadets, especially the position holders and winners of Swords of Honour. My special felicitations to the Royal Saudi Air Force and Royal Jordanian Air Force cadets on successful completion of their training at the Academy. I also compliment parents of the cadets whose prayers and guidance helped them to achieve this important landmark in their lives.

My Dear Graduating Cadets!

This day holds special significance in your professional careers. It is the occasion where you are getting reward for your dedication and consistent hard work, which enabled you to become proud officers of your respective Air Forces. Now you are entering practical phase of your lives, where you will face many challenges, but I am confident that the knowledge and training being imparted at this premier institution will help you to overcome these challenges without much difficulty.

Dear Cadets,

The profession of arms is highly demanding and calls for continuous training and education. Because to march in consonance with the rapidly evolving developments in the realm of air power and technology, it is incumbent upon you to sharpen your professional skills and excel in your professional pursuits. Remember, there are no shortcuts to success.

My Dear Cadets!

I am extremely pleased to see cadets of our brotherly countries from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan. I am glad to note that they have done very well during the training. I am sure that the training imparted at PAF Academy, Asghar Khan, has prepared you well, to defend your countries against any foreign aggression.

Let me reiterate that Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and our Defence Forces enjoy very warm and brotherly relationship. We are held close by the strong bonds of our religion, our cultural communion and converging world view. Our Defence Forces have been cooperating with each other in various fields. Likewise, in the fight against terrorism, we fight shoulder to shoulder with our brothers from Middle East.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Pakistan is a peace-loving country and wants to promote peace all around as it is the assurance of our own internal stability. We stand firmly committed to this cause and will not allow anybody to misinterpret our actions. Our Armed Forces are fully capable of responding to all sorts of internal or external threats or aggression. If the enemy ever resorts to a misadventure, regardless of its size and scale, it will have to pay an unbearable cost.
I must mention here that our national struggle against terrorism has largely been successful due to outstanding contribution of PAF. PAF, being a highly  organ of the national defence, has played a remarkable role in annihilating and destroying no of terrorists sanctuaries and training camps along Pak-Afghan border.

However, unfortunately, the international community has failed to recognize Pakistan’s efforts and sacrifices in our War on Terror. No country has sacrificed as much as we have and achieved enormous success. The only country which has successfully fought terrorism and are in the process of eradicating the residual through op Radd-ul-Fasaad. It is our resolve that we will make Pakistan a terror free country, come what may. With continuous public support the Armed Forces it will be done sooner than latter.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is indeed hearting to note that Pakistan Air Force, under its visionary leadership, is second to none. PAF has achieved a number of milestones in its journey towards modernization during the recent years. It has a variety of modern platforms and efforts are underway to further enhance its operational capabilities. Pakistan Army considers a strong and agile PAF as a critical enabler to fight both conventional and sub conventional wars successfully.

Dear Cadets,

As the custodians of the aerial frontiers of our sacred homeland, you will have to develop skills to operate and maintain this sophisticated and expensive equipment in the highest state of readiness. This will require each one of you to devote your complete focus and commitment to your profession. Keep PAF’s valuable traditions of valour and sacrifice alive and pursue the core values of integrity, excellence and teamwork for abiding success in your careers.
In the end, I once again extend my profound congratulations to you all and wish you a prosperous future. May Allah Almighty be your guide and protector. Aameen!

Pakistan Armed Forces Zindabad
Pakistan Paindabad.