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Press Release

Rawalpindi- June 28, 2017

Army is closely following the sectarian and ethnic colour being deliberately given to recent spate of incidents in the country by hostile intelligence agencies / sponsored anti state elements. Having failed to divide us through terrorism, our enemy is now trying to target and fragment us along sectarian / ethnic lines which merits a unified national response. Ongoing malicious campaign of enemies of Pakistan which is also unwittingly being spread on social media is highly regrettable and we all need to be cognisant of it. "For us every shaheed / injured is equal, regardless of sect/ethnicity and indeed is a great loss. "We all are Pakistanis and Muslims who fully respect the religious rights of our Pakistani non Muslim minorities" COAS said.

COAS has interacted with religious clergy of all sects over the last few days for their positive involvement in defeating this ongoing sinister campaign. It is assured that those responsible for Parachinar incidents shall be brought to law and victims will be compensated without any discrimination. "Alhamdolilla, We have brought security situation in country including FATA under control and shall not allow its regression at any cost" COAS said.