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Press Release

Rawalpindi- May 05 2017
Hotline contact between Pakistan and Afghan Director General Military Operation established. Director General Military Opeartions(DGMO) Pakistan Army Major General Sahir Shamshad Mirza condemned unprovoked firing on Pakistani villagers and security forces which caused casualties. He told his counterpart that the villages are divided i.e. situated on both sides but Pakistan forces and civilians are on own side of the border. Afghan Director General Military Operations  acknowledge that border is in between villages and not at the ditch which is well inside Pakistan as being perceived by them. He asked Afghan DGMO that their forces to stay on their side of the border and defuse the situation.  DGMO Pakistan Army  told his counterpart that we shall continue our work within our border. A local commanders level Border   Flag meeting  is in progress post the hotline. Afghan DGMO agreed to take up the matter and issue necessary orders accordingly. Fire has stopped as of now.