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Press Release

Rawalpindi- October 24, 2017

Indian troops resorted to unprovoked firing  with Artillery, heavy mortars and automatic weapons along LOC  targeting  innocent civil population of villages Naukot and Qaiser Kot in Lipa Valley.
Pakistan army troops effectively engaged Indian troops and destroyed 4 Indian posts causing heavy damage.

2 Pakistani citizens  were martyred and 6 were injured due to Indian unprovoked firing.

Details of Shaheed and Injured.

Shaheed  (Vil Noukot)

1. Sumaira Younis

2. Maryam

Injured (5  village  Noukot, 1 Qaisar kot)

1. M. Shakeel

2. M. Anwar Baig

3. Muneer Ahmad

4. Zeeshan

5.Rafeek Ahmad

6. Nasreen

The injured are being provided medical treatment at army medical facility at Lipa.