Army Dog Breeding Training Centre and School


The Army Dog Breeding Training Centre and School (ADBTC&S) was established in 1952. It was assigned the mission of breeding, rearing, training and issue of trained dogs to the formations/units. In addition to this, the school was also responsible to train the officers & soldiers in different dog courses. It was initially authorised 114 persons and 292 dogs on its establishment. In 1965, the unit was reduced to 16 persons and 63 dogs but in 1966-67 the Table of Organisation & Equipment was revised & strength was increased to 50 persons and 100 dogs. In 1986, the need was felt to increase the strength of dogs to 300 and men to 102.


The School is situated at a distance of 4 km from Rawalpindi Railway Station and approximately 10 km from Islamabad Air Port.

During summer from April to September minimum temperature remains up to 26 degrees centigrade while maximum goes up to 45 degrees centigrade. In winter from October to March minimum temperature is -3°C and maximum up to 28°C.

Educational Philosophy

Dogs have time and again proven to be one of the major assets for the armed forces, the police, customs and other associated organisations while in the performance of their duties. The canine instinct proves invaluable in many cases. Keeping in view their importance, the dogs are trained in the following disciplines:-

  • Guard Dogs
  • Tracker Dogs
  • Mine Detection Dogs
  • Narcotics Sniffing Dogs
  • Arms/Explosive search Dogs
  • Avalanche rescue Dogs
  • Search and Rescue Dogs

The Faculty

A well trained staff adept in the art of training and breeding of dogs, provides training to officers and soldiers in various disciplines of dog breeding and training. The following training objectives are adhered to:

  • To train Remount Veterinary and Farm Corps (RV&FC) Officers in Kennel Management, Canine Surgery, Canine Medicine, Radiography, Ultrasonography and Breeding operations
  • To train soldiers of RV&FC to handle and train dogs in different specialties
  • To train defence service personnel to handle dogs issued to units and officers/ soldiers from friendly/allied countries

Selection Criteria

Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers and soldiers who fulfil the condition as laid down by Pakistan Army on courses are selected to attend different specialties at this institution.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Facilities are available for cricket, hockey, tennis, football, swimming, golf and squash etc. at neighbouring Army Sports Complexes.


The Campus is fully equipped to various needs of the personnel acquiring training here. The School Campus consists of:

  • Office Block
  • soldiers Accommodation
  • Hospital Wing
  • Laboratory
  • Class Rooms
  • Recreation / Information Room
  • Breeding Wing
  • Training Area
  • Foreign Officers Quarters

Training Facilities Available

Following facilities are available for the students attending courses at this institution:

  • Class Rooms
  • Library
  • Video Library
  • Outdoor Training
  • Field Training
  • Field Demonstrations
  • Building Search
  • Ground Search
  • Vehicle Search
  • Dog Agility Track
  • Operation Theater
  • Laboratory
  • Air Craft Search at nearby Army Bases


ADBTC&S Rawalpindi is not only providing technical knowledge about military working dogs to officers, organizations & personnel from Defence Service Guards, Rangers, Customs and Police but officers and soldiers of allied countries are also attending different courses offered at this school. Moreover, this institution is responsible for breeding, training and supply of trained dogs to dependent units. The home of the most loyal creatures is at service of the nation.