Army School of Logistics


Army School of Logistics (ASL) was established in 1974 at Tobe Camp in the neighboring hills of Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, Abbottabad. Founding father of ASL was Lt Gen Shujaat Hussain (then Colonel) from Engineers, who organized Logistic Staff Course-1 with his team of officers from Command and Staff College Quetta. Under the able leadership of Brig Hameed Dogar (from Armoured Corps), Army School of Logistics moved to Kuldana and got amalgamated with School of Administration (established in 1952). Kuldana means “way or high place” and was also known as “British Infantry Lines” established in 1860s. The British carved some essence of England in Murree, making Kuldana their home away from home. Several renowned British regiments camped at Kuldana, few to name are; Northumberland Fusiliers, Devonshires, Duke of Wellington's, Leicestershires, Bedfordshires Regiment, 3rd Bn The Rifle Brigade, 1st Bn Gordon’s Highlanders, West Yorkshires, East Surreys and 57th Wilde’s Rifles. Owing to thinning out of WW-II, Royal Army Services Corps School established itself from 1940 to 1941 (which later got shifted to Kakul), giving the camp back to British Infantry Regiments and supporting sub units. After the creation of Pakistan, “Signal Centre” was established on 13 September 1947 at Kuldana. Later in 1952, Army School of Administration was established at Kuldana. In January 1976 both institutions were merged and Army School of Logistics was relocated at Kuldana. The training of clerks was conducted at Barian until 1977 when the Clerical Wing got shifted to Kuldana. objectives.

In the last few decades, employment of principles of logistics has received a concentrated blend of modern techniques of management. Management implies, forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling the logistic assets. Pakistan Army like all the forward looking and modern Armies of the world has not lost sight of this important segment. For this reason, Army School of Logistics (ASL) exists in the beautiful and scenic hills of Murree.

Since 1952, this institution is training officers for administrative and logistic assignments. Junior Officers Administrative Course was the oldest (1952), which was discontinued later. Logistics Staff Course started in 1974 and continues to date. Junior Staff Course (JSC) was conducted from 1982 to 1991 and Senior Officers Management Course (SOMC) from 1980 to 2004. Officers Basic Administration Course (OBAC) was conducted from 2004 to 2007. ASL continues to host National and foreign delegations and dignitaries besides training officers from various countries. Apart from Officers (approximately 10,000), ASL has trained Recruits, Non Commissioned and Junior Commissioned Officers (approximately 100,000) through clerical and administrative courses since 1959 and 1980 respectively. ASL also takes pride in training faculty members and assisting Nigeria and Srilanka to establish their “Army School of Logistics”. There is a long list of dignitaries who visited ASL since independence, few of the significant ones are:

Field Marshal Ayub Khan on 22 July 1967 on the occasion of ‘Raising Day of ASL’.

  • General Musa visited ASL in 1976
  • Major General Sahibzada Yaqub Khan visited on 6 July 1968 to witness the training
  • General Zia Ul Haq visited in 1978 on establishment of Clerical Wing at Kuldana
  • General Jehangir Karamat, a fond visitor of Kuldana for its beauty and tranquility
  • General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani in 2001 as General Officer Commanding 12 Division
  • General Raheel Shareef visited in 2013 to review the training progress


Kuldana is a mini cantonment located in the verdant hills of Murree. Sixty kilometers from the capital city of Islamabad, it is home to the logisticians of Pakistan Army. It spreads over an area of six square kilometers and lies at an altitude of 7,000 feet above sea level. Kuldana has a variety of trees and plants and is inhabited by various kinds of wild life species including birds, flying squirrels, butterflies and monkeys. At times leopards, fox and porcupines can also be seen crossing roads and tracks of the campus. Bird species include yellow-billed magpie, blue whistling thrush, dove, Eurasian blue tit, Plum Head Parakeet and hawks. For the ones who have a deep desire to enjoy the natural beauty in its ultimate form, a two days trip to Kuldana ridge during May/ June should prove to be an aesthetic pleasure. Similarly in January/ February spectacular view of full moon with its reflection from the glowing white snow is a sight beyond compare. Kuldana is attractive in all seasons. Spring is bright and blossomed.

Training Campus

The campus of ASL is designed to conduct Logistics Staff Course (LSC), JCO’s/ NCO’s Administration Course (JNAC), Recruit Clerks Course (RCC), Office Management Course (OMC) and Personal Assistant Course (PAC). It is well equipped with the entire range of essential training facilities. These training aids are utilized extensively through-out the year and are up to date by all standards.

  • Training Facilities

    ASL maintains a rich library, a printing press, model rooms, auditoriums, computer laboratories and halls of study (syndicate rooms). The library is digitally linked to most rich libraries of the country, which not only enables the students to find reference materials printed at ASL but also offers them an opportunity to learn in different training environment. Syndicate rooms are equipped with the latest training aids including LED screens, map boards, computers, video projection systems and smart interactive boards. Kuldana Army Public School (KAPS) is yet another prestigious institution established within the premises of ASL for the wards of individuals studying inside and around Kuldana.

  • Post Graduation Studies

    ASL is affiliated to Secretariat Training Institute, Allama Iqbal Open University and Quaid-e-Azam University for the award of Post Graduation certifications. Moreover, ASL also has the honor of being ISO 9001-2008 certified.

  • Ulfat Tea Lounge & Kuldana Cafe

    A well furnished and decorated tea bar and café functions in an extremely efficient and hygienic way to provide a hot cup of tea/ coffee with delicious and fresh snacks to students/ visitors. Tea lounge is located centrally in the training area for easy access to students and their timely return to the syndicate rooms. Kuldana Café is located in the midst of guest room complex which is a fine place for quality meals in casual environment.

  • Accommodation

    Single and married accommodation is available to student officers attending LSC. AA&QMG office can be approached on telephone or mail for accommodation requests. Besides LSC, ASL also provides accommodation to individuals attending JNAC, RCC, OMC and PA courses. Kuldana mart and two canteens function to facilitate employees residing within ASL.

Educational Philosophy

Apart from operational planning at various levels, the art of war revolves around a few basic elements like logistics, administration and management. Army School of Logistics endeavors to equip students of various arms and services and foreign officers with the requisite knowledge on these important subjects by sharing multiple experiences’ of all arm students coupled with metered dose of professional input from the faculty. This process of mutual learning takes many forms starting from military and civilian guest speakers, class discussions, tutorial discussions, central discussions, model discussions, presentation of research work and going up to the apex in shape of seminars and map exercises at the end of various courses. The Directing Staff channelizes the energy and learning process of students to keep them focused towards the goals of each course.

The Faculty

The faculty, also known as Directing Staff, comprises Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) & Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) who are the best in their specifics fields. This balanced blend of instructors ensures that students are exposed to the subjects like strategy, operations, logistics, administration and modern concepts of management. The officers serving on the faculty are sent on this prestigious assignment after they have gone through the mill of various professional courses and have served on important command and staff appointments. Because of their rich professional experience and study, they are well equipped to interact with students in a professionally rewarding manner. Same holds true in the case of Junior Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Officers instructors. There is always a constant endeavor for progressive improvement in the acquired professional and intellectual standards. The institution also follows a schedule for enhancing the professional acumen and growth of the faculty.

Sports Activities

Army School of Logistics has a hectic schedule of training activities which keeps students busy for long hours. Through sports and extracurricular activities, students are offered opportunities for relief and entertainment. Sports facilities include basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, cricket, squash, table tennis and snooker etc.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) Apart from a variety of sports activities, ASL arranges a number of excursion trips and adventure sports which offers a unique mix of peace, adventure and re-union with nature. These activities include trekking, skiing, archery, shooting and camping. A number of hiking trips are arranged for the students and their families on fascinating tracks and picnic spots. Inland study tours and site seeing trips are part of ECA. Moreover, variety of excursion trips are arranged for allied officers and their families. Indoor putting and gymnasium has also been established in officers’ mess for both ladies and gents.

Pakistan Gallery

A unique Photo Gallery (Pakistan Gallery) has been established at Kuldana by carefully renovating a 125 years old building. This gallery is one of its kinds in Pakistan and represents the ravishing beauty and rich culture of the country and is certainly one of the most attractive features at ASL. Visit of Kuldana is incomplete without having seen Pakistan Gallery.