The Pakistan Army at its inception presented a dismal picture as it was disinherited in its legitimate share of military assets in an effort to starve it to inadequacy and vulnerable to subjugation. The training of the Pakistan Army encompasses threat perception and suggests progression while giving initiative and full latitude for realistic and mission oriented training at formation level while keeping the monitoring of the training at the highest level. Quest for excellence in training, therefore occupies centre stage in the gambit of peace time pursuits of an Army, as it epitomises its standards of professional efficiency and operational preparedness. Pakistan Army trains military students from all over the world. So far 19,000 trainees have been graduated from 55 countries. Currently, 650 foreign trainees are under going training in our institution including a large number from Arab and African countries. Our institutions are tailored to meet the challenges of modern warfare.

To be part of our training, you can contact us through:

  • Your Defence Attaches in Pakistan
  • Defence Attaches of Pakistan in your country
  • Joint Staff Headquarter Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Staff Duties Directorate or Military Training Directorate General Headquarters, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Categories Of Institutes

  • Elementary Training

    Pakistan Army offers state of the art elementary training,conducted at Pakistan Military Academy, Junior Leaders Academy,and various Regimental Training Centres (for soldiers).

  • Special Warfare Training

    Special Warfare Training can be further divided into Special to Arm training and Special Warfare Skills. More details are available on 'Schools of Instructions' page.

  • Advance Learning

    Command & Staff College, Quetta, National Defence University and National University of Modern Languages(NUML) offers advance military training courses.

Pakistan Military Academy

The main objective of training at PMA is basic military training, personality grooming. Read More

Junior Leaders Academy

Besides imparting training to troops of own armed forces, training of junior leaders from brotherly countries is given due consideration. Read More

Command & Staff College

A prestigious military institution where officers receive staff and leadership training. Read More