Infrastructure Development

National Logictics cell

Established in 1977 and mainly managed by serving Army officers, it employs over 6500 civilians / ex servicemen. With a transport fleet comprising 2000 heavy duty vehicles it is capable of combating logistics crises especially handling / transportation of dry and liquid cargo in the country. Besides it has shown visible progress on some of the very important national projects to include port handling, construction works and special projects.

Professionalism and quality services being rendered by NLC for over past four decades has made NLC the most credible name in the Logistics and Construction sectors of Pakistan. Keeping pace with latest technological advancements and introduction of new trends in the fields have contributed a great deal to remarkable growth and success of the organization since its inception in 1978.

NLC, the most dynamic public sector transportation and construction oraganization has a proud history of offering landmark innovative and customized solutions specifically designed to address the business needs of valued customers.The diverse and wide ranging services offered by NLC include construction of mega structure in quick time, safe movement of cargo to any destination, management of state-of-the-art Dry Ports & Border Terminals and Express Freight Train Service.

Frontier Work Organization

It undertakes large projects of road communication, bridges dams, canals and earthworks. In past thirty years it has constructed 3797 kilometers of roads including Kora Krum Highway, Gilgit-Skardu Link, besides preparing 8 completely new and up-gradating 11 airfields. Further it has undertaken extensive works on irrigation structures to include Khairpur Dam, Sadiqa Feeder and Abbasia Feeder. Some of the other projects are Left Bank outfall Drain, Khanpur Dam, Islam Head Works, SCARP VI Drains, structures and Quresh Ditch. Shile in Power and Energy Sector, construction of Jam Shoro Thermal Power Station, Muzaffargarh Thermal Power Station and Mangla Hydel Power Unit 9 and 10.

FWO’s Motto “Striving for Excellence” demands unrelenting struggle and movement towards new peaks of engineering competence. This being the spirit and driving force behind FWO, it is bound to achieve new level of professional excellence in times to come.

Frontier Works Organisation with over 51 years of service excellence in hand, has to its credit legendary achievements in nation building. FWO is contributing tremendously towards a prosperous and progressive Pakistan.

In today’s world, strong economy is the first and foremost hallmark of any nation. The corporate environment demands strict financial management. This factor becomes more pronounced in case of huge and multinational organization like FWO. FWO has been able to establish an enviable reputation and has successfully captured an increasing market share in construction industry of Pakistan.

The process of diversification has been enhanced by FWO and achievement of expertise in other related fields of Civil Engineering projects, apart from road work, has proved very successful. True to its traditions of dedicated hard work, FWO continues to meet envisaged targets by completing major projects of national importance.

Fauji Foundation

This organization has contributed significantly to the national cause in the fields of industry, social development, employment opportunities and enhancing the national exchequer by paying considerable taxes. Rs. 6886.92 millions have been paid by Fauji Foundation / sponsored Pub Ltd Companies in the last ten years. Presently 15 factories, 12 hospitals, 24-Day Health Centres, 46 Mobile and 21 static dispensaries are functioning under this organization. In the education sector, it has 2 colleges, 64 Model Schools, 2 Computer Institutes, 66 Vocational Training Centres and 9 Technical Training Centres.

Army Welfare Trust

As a financial and industrial group it seeks to provide stability and progress to the armed forces and the nation. At present there are 5 factories / mills, while in the Banking and Services Sector there are 4 companies functioning under Army Welfare Trust. It has also undertaken joint venture in the field of Lubricant Blending with Mobil Corporation USA at Hub. In 1996 Army Welfare Trust paid Rs. 2.24 Billion to the government as duties and taxes.

To be one of the leading business houses employing best business practices. To undertake safe and profitable commercial activities in a manner that portrays AWT's image as a respected market leader while generating maximum funds for meeting the welfare requirements of the Army.

Special Communication Organization

SCO a public sector organization working under Ministry of IT & Telecom, Government of Pakistan. SCO was established in 1976 to develop, operate and maintain all telecom services in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Over the years, SCO has developed massive Information Technology & Telecom infrastructure including laying of over 4800 kilometers Optical Fiber Cable network across the entire length and breadth of the region. SCO stands tall as the largest telecom network & service provider in the region equally focusing on urban and rural areas development. We are providing telecom & IT services to both public and private sectors (general populous) in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. It has a unique distinction of providing all brands of telecom services from voice to data under one platform.

Defence Production

In this sector, significant contributions are being made by Pakistan Ordnance Factory and Heavy Industry Texila, which are producing a wide range of items for use, within the country and abroad. To meet the requirement of the Armed Forces through a prudent combination of procurement (local and import) and indigenous production with a continued effort to enhance the component of indigenous production and in the process export surplus capacity of our defence products to regional and friendly countries.

Services in Azad Kashmir / Northern Areas

Similarly, without any financial assistance from the Government, Pakistan Army and Frontier Work Organization have jointly constructed and are maintaining critical communication networks to include roads and tracks in Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas, like Laswa and Kiran Bypass, besides other difficult forward roads. The roads have since not been taken over either by Northern Area Power and Water Development or Azad Kashmir Power and Water Development. Entire civil population in the area is dependent on these roads for their daily supplies. Along vulnerable sectors of the roads in Kel Sector, necessary protective walls and gabians have also been constructed to protect civilian and military traffic from hostile fire. Further in entire Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas, Army is providing tremendous medical and education services to the civilians.

Water Supply Scheme

Construction of Wali Tangi Dam, Islam Kach and Levy Post dams in Balochistan and water supply schemes in Thar Desert are a few examples, which have made positive impact on the environment and the local population. Additionally the Army has reactivated a number of abandoned tube wells in Cholistan desert.

Land Reclamation

Significant contributions have so far been made by the Army in the shape of SCARP Projects, besides 12 miles long drain from Tando Muhammad Khan to the Arabian sea, to help reclaim water logged areas in the vicinity of the Barrage.

Federal Area Tribal Area Development Works

Army having opened the erstwhile inaccessible/ No Go Areas of Federal Administrative Tribal Area, has undertaken and cont with multifaceted development works in Federal Area Tribal Area. Details of the development works undertaken by the army in Federal Area Tribal Area are as under:


27 x perm medical camps exist since last two years, which have treated 235,324 patients. Besides 8 x free eye camps functional in the area have treated 825 operation of eye surgery and have provided treatment to 11,484 patients.

Communication Infrastructure

Army Engineers have construct over 728 kilometers of 24 ft wide trs, which will be converted into black top roads.

Water Supply Scheme

As a financial and industrial group it seeks to provide stability and progress to the armed forces and the nation. At present there are 5 factories / mills, while in the Banking and Services Sector there are 4 companies functioning under Army Welfare Trust. It has also undertaken joint venture in the field of Lubricant Blending with Mobil Corporation USA at Hub. In 1996 Army Welfare Trust paid Rs. 2.24 Billion to the government as duties and taxes.

Alternative Source of Energy

Micro Hydro Power Stas

4 x Micro Hydro Power Stations have been installed in Khyber Agency along Bara River to provide electricity to the locals.

Wind Mills

2 x windmills one each at Shagai Fort (Khyber Agency) and village Anargai (Mohmand Agency) have been installed on trial basis to provide electricity to small villages. More will be install if the experiment is successful.