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Pakistan Coast Guards

The phenomenon of smuggling/ drug trafficking and the enforcement response is as old as that of history of trade among nations. Pakistan is no exception (rather an example). It has a long and porous coastal belt covering the entire Mekran region of the Balochistan Province and the sea front of the Province of Sindh, providing innumerable routes for illegal movement of contrabands and Narcotics. Pakistan Coast Guards came into existence through an Ordinance promulgated by the Government of Pakistan in 1972, when the need was felt to raise a Civil Armed Force under the Ministry of Interior to extend anti-smuggling operations along the coastline, for which sea customs was not adequate. The Pakistan Coast Guards Act passed by the Country’s National Assembly, later replaced this Ordinance in 1973.


Mission Statement

The Force with motto “Defending and Protecting what is Rightfully Ours” has been entrusted with the primary task of preventing smuggling along the coastline.

The other important tasks include:

  • Prevention of illegal immigration to and migration from the country.
  • Stopping enemy agents or saboteurs from infiltrating into the country along the coastal areas.
  • Supplementing defence of Coastline in war.


Area of responsibility of Pakistan Coast Guards extends from Pak-Iran in the west to the the Indai boarder in the East, covering a frontage of 960 kilometers. Pakistan Coast Guards is also looking after an area of 160 Kms along Pak - Iran and 45 Kms along Indian boarders. The Inland depth varies from 40 to 200 Kms. In the sea, it is response of an area of  12 NMs (22.22 Kms). 

Legal Powers

Under the Coast Guards Act, the officers down to Junior Commissioned Officers are vested with the powers of Police Act 1861 and Control of narcotics substance (CNS) Act 1997.


Defending & protecting what is rightfully ours

The present Force, besides its Headquarters, has four Battalions, Marine Company, Field Intelligence Unit and Logistic Support Elements. The Battalions are deployed all along the coastline for effective surveillance and conduct of anti-smuggling operation.



The Force is headed by a Brigadier who is formally known as Director General. The officers of the Force are seconded from the Army and Navy for a period of two to three years, while the troops are permanent. The Force functions under the Ministry of Interior but during times of war, it is placed under the Ministry of Defence.

Pakistan Coast Guards Marine Assests

To enable its men to fully undertake the tasks assigned to them, the Force has a few fast patrol boats, modern interceptor boats. Surveillance equipment, weapons. The Force also has some latest scanning and detection equipment. To operate in extremely difficult terrain condition, the Force also has horses and camels on its Inventory. In early 2007, twelve new interceptor and utility speed boats have also been added in the inventory.


The Operations
The seized Narcotics being set ablazed

According to activities of smugglers and areas which facilitate their interest, the operations of the Pakistan Coast Guards can be divided into following two categories:

Anti Narcotics

Anti Human Trafficking


Mekran Coast against drug traffickers, who are not only cunning and ruthless but also extremely resourceful in terms of modern equipment. These narcotics, worth billions of dollars in International drug market, are smuggled out of the Country through sea to foreign destinations.

Anti-Human Trafficking
Pakistan Coast Guards the Defenders of sea frontiers

Human Trafficking and smuggling is gaining prominence at the global level and generating negative publicity for the country. The opportunities provided to terrorists to enter/exist the country adds a dangerous dimension to the activity. Pakistan Coast Guards is sensitive to the issue of Human Trafficking and is pursuance the National Action Plan is actively engaged in efforts to check this menace.


Service Conditions

The counter narcotics and anti saboteur role demands round the clock vigilance and operational readiness in the most adverse conditions. Problems faced by the Force personnel while striving hard to fulfill the assigned missions are:

  • In most of the areas even the basic necessities of life are not available. In the entire coastal belt of Mekran, life is exceptionally hard. At places even drinking water is brought from a distance of 25 to 40 kilometers and living conditions are un-satisfactory.

  • The troops deployed along the coast are totally cut off from civilization, creating a feeling of isolation.

  • In order to cover large gaps between the posts, the troops are required to carry out foot patrolling daily which in some cases extends from 20-25 kilometers. The problems are further compounded by the deficiency in manpower and equipment.

  • Smugglers are good sailors, astute trekkers, well armed and trigger happy. However, the Force being highly trained, motivated and determined, is a great deterrence against smugglers and drug traffickers.

  • 22x personnel from all ranks embraced Shahadat during encounters with smugglers in last 30 years.

With a view to safeguarding economic interest of the country and fighting the drug menace, the Pakistan Coast Guards has always strived hard to accomplish the assigned tasks. The achievements ever since its inception are:

General Goods

So far Pakistan Coast Guards has been able to seize General Goods worth Rs. 7105.517 Millions.

Narcotics Seizures

Performance of the force in the field of narcotics seizures has also been extremely good. Details are as under:


Quantity (Tons)

Worth in Millions Rs













Poppy Flowers



During last two years 526% increase has taken place in Narcotics Seizures


Pakistan Coast Guards has been able to seize 3,25,922 bottles/tins of liquor worth Rs. 288.440 Millions.

Betel Nuts

1586 tons Betel Nuts, approximate value Rs. 320 Millions has been seized by this Force from January 2003 to January 2005.

Petroleum Oils and Lubricants

Since 1999, the detail of Petroleum Oils and Lubricants items seized by this Force are:

Petrol/Diesel 5,60,770 Litters Rs. 11.21 Millions
Engine Oil 7329 Tins/Canes Rs. 10.00 Millions

Illegal Immigrants

2699 x Illegal Immigrants have been apprehended by this force from 2003 to 31 Jul  2007:


Persons Apprehended













1034 x vehicles and 23x boats / launches have been seized during less five years.



Following weapons/ammunition has been recovered from various parts of coastal areas of Pakistan since Jan 2004:






44860 rds

Rifle/Short Gun


43618 rds



RL/Machine Gun


Hand Grenades 01



88478 rds


International Cooperation
Mr. Richard Will of UNDCP awarding certificate on Termination of Basic Drug Law Enforcement Course

The Pakistan Coast Guards is actively supported by a number of international agencies in its fight against drug trafficking. The most prominent are:


Imparts regular training to the officers and men in drug law enforcement. Also provides assistance in the form of transport and communication equipment.

US Embassy (NAS) / (ODRP)

Has provided vehicles, communication equipment,  surveillance equipment and scanning equipment, which has greatly helped in capacity building of force.

Volunteers for joining Pakistan Coast Guards

Enrolment in Pakistan Coast Guards is governed by provincial quota authorized by the Government. The candidates opting to join Pakistan Coast Guards should meet following criteria:


Education Matric
Age 18 - 25 years


5’ 6”    (Minimum)
Medical Regimental Medical officer
carray out medical
examination of recruits to
be enrolled in the Force


Education & Training
Scrutiny of documents for fresh recruitment

Pakistan Coast Guards has to perform complex & difficult task in unfavourable conditions both at sea and land. It is essential that Pakistan Coast Guards personnel acquire specialized knowledge, skills and mental and physical stamina to perform their task efficiently. To this end Pakistan Coast Guards has following training organizations:

Training Wing
Recruits after successful completion of training

Training Wing imparts training to newly inducted recruits in Pakistan Coast Guards twice a year. Moreover, various cadres are being organized for trained soldier to enhance their skills in various operations. Swimming is given special due to the nature of Job.

Marine Company

Marine Company organizes the training of personnel in Marine skill, rescue operations, maintenance of Fast Petrol Boats Interceptor Boats, Utility Boats  and deep sea diving / survival etc.

Anti Narcotic Cell (ANC)

ANC provides speca;ized courses for trained soldiers in Drug Law Enforcement as per PCG Anti Narcotics Strategy.

Instructional Institutions

Training is also organized for the officers and other ranks in various schools of instructions of Pakistan Army, Anti Narcotics Force Academy Rawalpindi and National Police Academy Islamabad to enhance the professional skills of the individuals serving in Pakistan Coast Guards. International agencies have also offered training assistance to PCG. Such as UNODC, ODRP, NAS and British High Commission.

Welfare Projects

PCG runs modest welfare projects for its personnel and their families. Despite resource constraints, medical, education and other allied facilities have been upgraded, which induction of new equipment.


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