Karakorum Highway was inaugurated in 1979, India wanted to disrupt this land link between Pakistan and china, so Indian Army illegally occupied part of Siachen in 1984. In line with Karachi agreement of 1949, Cease-fire line was delineated up to Pt NJ9842. Till early 1980s permanent deployment of troops remained restricted only along the demarcated line of control/ South of Pt NJ9842. Even during wars of 1965 and 1971, no movement of troops was resorted to from either side. In late 1970s, India started taking interest in Siachen by sending military mountaineering expeditions. This information was received from civilians of the area and International Alpine Magazine in early 1983. Indian intrusions were confirmed by aerial reconnaissance and foot patrols of Pakistan Army. India reached Saltoro Range and occupied Sia La and Bilafond La in April 1984. When Pakistan’s 62 Bde along with SSG troops were ordered to occupy these areas, the troops found that Indians were already entrenched on Sia La and Bilafond La. This operation by the Pakistan Army led to the first armed clash on the glacier on 25 April 1984 Own troops occupied Gyong La, Yarma La and access route to K2 on Convoy Saddle.